Heating Check-Up (Gas Nat. or L.P-Oil-Heat Pump)

Did you know that as much as half of the energy used in your home goes to heating and cooling, according to the EPA? Making smart decisions about your HVAC system – such as annual maintenance check-ups-can increase its efficiency and make a positive impact on your utility bills.

Often, people avoid regular maintenance because they anticipate that it will be expensive. With ELM Services LLC, you can expect routine maintenance for approximately $59.00 to $129.00 per year. Don’t wait until your system goes out and you’re suffering in the heat or cold to think about service, as you may pay more for an emergency call. Implementing an annual maintenance plan for your system pays for itself in lower costs, fewer repairs, and more efficient operation. Plus the added benefit of less aggravation! Call us today to set-up your maintenance agreement!

LP and Natural Gas System $69.00
Oil Heating Systems $119.00
Heat Pump Systems $129.00

ELM Services LLC 18-Point Heating Check-Up Includes:

  • Heating / Electric: Primary Concern – Safety and Economy
  • Check Fan Belt and Adjust if Necessary
  • Check Lower Limit, High Limit, and Fan Limit Switches
  • Monitor Complete Cycle of Unit
  • Clean and Adjust Pilot Assembly
  • Check Gas or Oil Line at Unit for Leaks and Proper Installation
  • Check Heat Anticipator and Adjust if Necessary
  • Change Filters (If Available)
  • Clean and Calibrate Thermostat
  • Check Wiring and Wiring Connections
  • Clean Blower Motor and Airflow Ports
  • Lubricate Blower Motor (If Required)
  • Monitor Start-Up and Running Amperage on Motor
  • Monitor Heating Elements for Proper Amperage Draw
  • Check Heat Sequencers for Proper Operation
  • Check All Safety Controls
  • Oil Furnace Replace Nozzle, Filter, and Strainer
  • Examine Heat Exchanger for Leaks or Cracks
  • Clean Heat Exchanger

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